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October 2016 Archives

The predicaments of workplace accident victims in the oilfields

Workers in the oil fields in North Dakota are likely aware of the life-threatening hazards they face in their line of work. Despite the risks, the compensation makes it worthwhile for most. Nevertheless, some have suffered serious injuries; others have lost co-workers in fatal on-the-job accidents. One former oil field worker in another state recently told his story about a workplace accident that put an end to his career.

AAA says teen passengers and speed cause teenage car accidents

A recent nationwide survey in which the AAA collaborated with more than 140 driving instructors was conducted to shed some light on the fact that the primary cause of teenage fatalities is car crashes. AAA said that, although not the major cause of accidents, North Dakota teens who have other teenagers as passengers are more daring. This actually increases the risk of a crash by almost three times. Over the past five years, teenagers were reportedly involved in almost 14,000 car accidents.

North Dakota auto wreck sends driver and passenger to hospital

Traveling on North Dakota roads can be dangerous. After an apparent violation of a basic traffic law by one motorist, a collision between two cars caused serious injuries to two individuals. The auto wreck occurred in Barnes County on a recent Saturday afternoon.

Fatal pipeline workplace accident leads to $12,000 fine by OSHA

Workers in the oil fields in North Dakota and other states are typically exposed to a host of safety hazards that could lead to loss of life. Ground workers who move about in areas in which large equipment such as excavators are operated are particularly vulnerable. A 29-year-old worker was killed in a June workplace accident at a site in another state where an oil pipeline is under construction.


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