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March 2017 Archives

Product defect litigation may need skills of AV-rated attorneys

Whenever anybody in North Dakota or another state suffers injuries that might have been caused by a malfunctioning piece of equipment, full recovery of damages may be a significant challenge. Sometimes, a product defect is clearly visible and easy to identify, while only close investigation can detect other defects. To prove liability on the part of a manufacturer is a task that might be best achieved by experienced attorneys such as Edwards, Frickle & Culver.

Job injury: Will more Bakken work openings bring more injuries?

At an event to address the workforce and infrastructure development in the Bakken oilfields of North Dakota, the opportunities for employment at the wells -- expected to be about 85 per month -- and related industries are endless. However, this is also known to be an industry in which job injury and workplace accidents occur frequently. The CEO of an oilfield service provider said his company plans to appoint hundreds of workers this year and expects other providers will do the same.

Bakken employers must prevent job injury incidents in poised boom

After a slump that devastated the North Dakota oil industry for about two years, the Bakken is reported to be back in business. With a significant increase in active oil rigs -- compared to 2015 -- workers have a reason for optimism. Hopefully, previous booms have prepared rig owners for the job injury hazards that they will have to address.

Car crash: Traumatic brain injuries not limited to contact sports

Brain injuries are mostly associated with contact sports. However, such injuries can result from a car crash, a fall or many other circumstances in which a person's head strikes a stationary object. In fact, any time the head moves in a whiplash motion that causes the brain to collide with the skull, damage can occur. The North Dakota Brain Injury Network recently launched an awareness program that will run until June.


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