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May 2017 Archives

Car crash: Rollover injures 2 after teen driver falls asleep

Lack of experience makes young drivers extremely vulnerable on the roads of North Dakota. This was underscored by a car crash that recently sent two teenagers to a hospital. Authorities reported that the accident occurred early on a recent Sunday morning, and it involved just a single vehicle.

Truck accidents: 2 big rig drivers die in fiery head-on crash

Big rig drivers on roads in the North Dakota oil patch typically haul dangerous loads every day. So much can go wrong that can cause devastating truck accidents. Along with mechanical failures of the vehicles, fatigue often plays a part in big rig accidents.

Coal miner dies in workplace accident when vehicle falls into pit

Coal mine workers in North Dakota and neighboring states face multiple workplace hazards on every work shift. The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) says five workers lost their lives from January through March this year. The agency said it is investigating a workplace accident that claimed the life of a coal miner on a recent Saturday.

Workplace accident: Falls at oil wells primary cause of deaths

Oil field workers in North Dakota might be interested in the results of a recent study by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They conducted research to determine the cause of so many deaths of workers in the gas and oil extraction industry. The type of workplace accident on which they focused was falls, which appeared to be a primary cause of fatalities in this industry.

How soon after a job injury will workers' comp benefits be paid?

Workers on the Bakken oilfields of North Dakota -- or any other industry -- are no doubt aware of the benefits they may claim from the workers' compensation insurance program for the state. A victim of a job injury is entitled to claim benefits, but many may be concerned about the timeline of such a claim. Some injured workers avoid medical care because they are concerned about the costs involved while not realizing that the workers' comp benefits will cover it.


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