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Every firework should be regarded as a dangerous product

Every year, on the Fourth of July, thousands of people suffer injuries caused by fireworks. These typically range from minor to severe and often result from irresponsible use or due to defective products. Although authorities provide safety tips and warnings every year, some consumers fail to recognize the fact that every firework is a potentially dangerous product that should be handled with care. A North Dakota man reportedly suffered serious injuries that were caused by an exploding firework.

Just after 8 p.m. on July 4, police in Fargo received a call reporting a fireworks accident. They arrived at the scene to find a man who had suffered serious injuries to both his hands. According to the police report, the man said he walked in the parking lot and noticed what seemed like an abandoned firework. He described it as a round, foil-wrapped object.

After picking it up, he lit the device, which then exploded while he was holding it. The injured 46-year-old man was rushed to an emergency facility for treatment of burn injuries. Police reported that the man's injuries were severe but non-life threatening.

Whenever a North Dakota resident is injured by a product, he or she will be entitled to hold the manufacturer, retailer and others in the supply chain liable for damages. However, any personal injury lawsuit is based on negligence, and this is never easy to establish. The most logical step for any victim of a defective or dangerous product might be to seek the support and guidance of an experienced products liability attorney to pursue potential financial relief for medical and other losses.

Source:, "Police identify man seriously injured in fireworks accident in downtown Fargo", July 5, 2017

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