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September 2017 Archives

Truck accidents: Trucker dies in unexplained semi roll-over

Truck drivers in North Dakota have a particular set of rules of the road to which they must comply. Sometimes, unrealistic demands of employers force operators to violate rules -- often resulting in truck accidents with devastating consequences. To meet deadlines, truckers may have to ignore rules about the maximum number of hours they are allowed to drive without rest. This could lead to fatigue and crashes then become inevitable.

Auto wreck involving SUV and ATV kills 18-year-old passenger

Anybody whose vehicle breaks down on the side of a North Dakota road may be extremely vulnerable. This was underscored on a recent Saturday when a passenger on an ATV was killed in an auto wreck along a road in Rolette County. The driver of the ATV was injured, but his injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.

Home moving company owner's leg crushed in workplace accident

Anybody who is involved in the daily moving of objects that weigh thousands of pounds will likely be aware of his or her vulnerability. The son of a 53-year-old house mover in North Dakota says despite his father's awareness of safety and the hazards he faced every day, he suffered a severe injury in a workplace accident on a recent Tuesday. It is not yet certain whether surgical procedures saved this man's leg.

Each oil field worker's own precautions may prevent job injury

Workers in the oil and gas industry in North Dakota and other states face numerous safety hazards. Every employee's best chance at avoiding job injury is by taking extra precautions to ensure personal safety. Struck-by incidents cause some of the most common injuries on oil patches. These occur when a piece of equipment or other object makes forceful contact with a worker. Sling malfunctions, pressurized lines that are not adequately secured and bad connections are typical causes of struck-by accidents in the oilfields.


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