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Precautions can prevent oil field workplace accident

The most significant threats on oil and gas fields in North Dakota are explosions and fires. For that reason, compliance with the safety regulations and guidelines as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is vital. The slightest violation of the safety standards can result in a tragic workplace accident. Mass notification systems and fire alarms are essential to warn workers to follow evacuation procedures in emergencies; it might be practical to also send out mass mobile phone messages when emergencies occur.

All areas must be inspected frequently, and training sessions must form part of the safety protocols. Assessment of vulnerabilities can create preparedness, and if all the necessary equipment required for emergency response is readily accessible on-site, tragedies might be prevented. However, safety equipment must be inspected and maintained in proper working order at all times. A prompt response can isolate a fire before it can spread to other areas.

Another danger to workers is the presence of hazardous vapors and gases that can increase the chances of fires or explosions while toxic fumes can also cause harm if inhaled. Detection equipment must be used proactively for monitoring the presence of toxic hazards to initiate evacuation promptly. The ideal training procedures include regular fire drills to ensure there will be no confusion if a fire should break out.

Workplace accidents that cause fire-related injuries can be traumatic for victims and their colleagues who witness their co-workers suffering burns. Even more so in the events of fatalities. Both physically and psychologically injured employees must receive the appropriate medical care. Medical expenses will be covered through the North Dakota workers' compensation insurance program. Death benefits will be available to families who have lost loved ones in such a workplace accident.

Source:, "5 Fire Protection Tips for Oil and Gas Worksites", Accessed on Oct. 13, 2017

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