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December 2017 Archives

Will electronic logging devices prevent truck accidents?

There are mixed feelings about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's newest guidelines that recently became effective. Most semi drivers in North Dakota and other states will have to use electronic logging devices (ELDs). Reportedly, the aim is to reduce the number of truck accidents nationwide.

Burn injuries are prevalent in the oil and gas drilling industry

The oil and gas drilling industry has inherent dangers that could be life-threatening. The rapid pace at which oil is extracted in North Dakota makes oilfield workers vulnerable. This is because companies often prioritize profits over safety -- a value system that frequently results in severe workplace injuries. Along with many other hazards, there will always be a risk of explosions and serious burn injuries to workers in this industry.

Job injury: EPA asked to reveal hazardous fracking chemicals

Entities across 21 U.S. states along with the District of Columbia have petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a policy change in which the types of hazardous chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing industry are disclosed. Fracking sites, such as those in North Dakota, expose their employees to toxic chemical hazards that can cause occupational injuries. Frequently, emergency workers are unable to provide prompt treatment because of their inability to identify the substance that caused the job injury.

Fracking worker dies in workplace accident after fitting fails

Fracking will always be a dangerous employment field, regardless of whether it is in North Dakota or another state. Although there are specific safety regulations to protect workers in the oil and gas industry, compliance is never guaranteed. It is still unclear whether a safety violation caused a recent fatal workplace accident on a fracking site in another state.


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