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Fracking worker dies in workplace accident after fitting fails

Fracking will always be a dangerous employment field, regardless of whether it is in North Dakota or another state. Although there are specific safety regulations to protect workers in the oil and gas industry, compliance is never guaranteed. It is still unclear whether a safety violation caused a recent fatal workplace accident on a fracking site in another state.

Authorities say the incident remains under investigation. Reportedly, a member of a fracking crew at a well suffered a severe injury during the initial phase when a fitting failed. By the time the pressure reached 2,400 pounds, the failure had occurred, sending debris flying. Two workers suffered injuries, and they were both rushed to an area hospital.

One of the two victims was struck in the chest by the debris. Tragically, he did not survive. The severity of the injuries to the second man is unknown. An investigation by the office of the county sheriff is underway. Is was revealed that the company that employed the two workers has been in the fracking business for over 30 years, and nevertheless, their workers' safety is still in the balance.

Fracking workers in North Dakota may face similar dangers. Any victim who suffered injuries in a workplace accident may pursue financial relief through the workers' compensation program of the state. Similarly, surviving family members of workers who did not survive such disasters may file claims for death benefits to cover the costs of funerals and burials. Both types of benefits may also provide compensation for lost income.

Source:, "Oilfield Worker Killed in Fracking Accident in Blaine County", Nov. 29, 2017

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