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Will electronic logging devices prevent truck accidents?

There are mixed feelings about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's newest guidelines that recently became effective. Most semi drivers in North Dakota and other states will have to use electronic logging devices (ELDs). Reportedly, the aim is to reduce the number of truck accidents nationwide.

Prior to the new regulations, the logging system was based on a paper grid system on which drivers manually recorded their hours on the road. Authorities say falsified logs were prevalent. One trucking owner who installed ELD devices in his company's trucks several years ago reports that the recording of hours, speed and location of drivers at all times has worked for his business.

Under safety regulations, no driver may spend more than 11 hours on the road without rest. When including the time spent on inspections, loading, unloading and refueling, no shift may exceed 14 hours. However, not all truck drivers reacted positively to the new rules. One driver pointed out that the shippers and the receivers set their schedules, and not the truck owners or the drivers.

While only time will tell whether ELD devices will result in fewer truck accidents, victims of crashes caused by truckers will retain the right to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system. However, proving negligence on the part of a truck driver may be challenging, and the assistance of an experienced North Dakota personal injury attorney may be necessary. With such support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings, the court might enter a monetary judgment to cover financial losses and emotional damages.

Source:, "New rules for truck drivers", Ron Hilliard, Dec. 21, 2017

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