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Burn Injuries Archives

Burn injuries are prevalent in the oil and gas drilling industry

The oil and gas drilling industry has inherent dangers that could be life-threatening. The rapid pace at which oil is extracted in North Dakota makes oilfield workers vulnerable. This is because companies often prioritize profits over safety -- a value system that frequently results in severe workplace injuries. Along with many other hazards, there will always be a risk of explosions and serious burn injuries to workers in this industry.

Workers' comp benefits will cover oilfield injury costs

Workers in the oil and gas industry risk their lives every day, and the Bakken oilfields of North Dakota are no different. Fire protection forms a significant part of their safety protocols because any oilfield injury suffered in an explosion or a fire can be deadly. Frequent hazard assessments are essential, with the replacement of old and malfunctioning equipment for fire protection forming an integral part of such inspections.

Explosions: Gas pipeline rupture kills contract worker

Workers in oil fields and around gas pipelines in North Dakota and other states regularly put their lives on the line. A recent incidence in another state underscores the importance of compliance with safety regulations to prevent explosions. An incident at a pipeline worksite recently killed one worker and injured several others.

Workers suffer burn injuries in plant explosion

Two injuries have been reported after a serious explosion at an out-of-state gas processing plant, according to local sources. North Dakota residents are keenly aware of just how dangerous oil and gas jobs can be, as burn injuries and even death are all too common. Thankfully, in this case, no fatalities were reported. Both individuals will likely be entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help during their recovery period.

Oilfield injury causes death, prompting family to sue

An oilfield is under scrutiny after the death of a worker was blamed on the company's negligence, according to local sources. North Dakota is the site of frequent incidents of oilfield injury, and the number of civil suits filed against oil companies is on the rise. This is particularly true in fatal accidents. 

Trucker sentenced for 2012 explosion that caused burn injuries

There are many opportunities for independent trucking operators in the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota and surrounding areas. However, transporting these hazardous materials requires operators to comply with strict safety regulations. A federal judge recently noted that some of those regulations are not commonly observed by truck operators in the Bakken oil patch. Violations of these regulations can have devastating consequences, of which burn injuries are likely most prevalent.

Burn injuries and fatalities prompt inquest

It is no secret that the oil industry is a dangerous one for ground-floor workers dealing with hazardous conditions every day. However, burn injuries and even fatalities are rising at such an alarming rate in North Dakota that new studies looking into work hazards have been launched. It is hoped that these studies can be used to generate a better understanding of how these workplaces can be improved. 

North Dakota burn injuries sometimes connected to oil fields

The oil fields of North Dakota are an ongoing source for oil production in the United States. Some say that in recent times, the push for more energy has led to a safety risk for oil rig workers and equipment operators. Reports of accidents or burn injuries suggest that the issue is ongoing. Those affected by such incidents may have need of legal help in the aftermath of an oilfield accident.

2011 Bakken explosion causing fatal burn injuries worst to date

Reveal, which is part of The Center for Investigative Reporting, recently analyzed information related to deaths of workers in the Bakken oil fields and reported that 74 work-related deaths had occurred since 2006. That equates to one death approximately every six weeks, but the report mentioned that there may be many more, as all work related deaths are not recorded. The boom in the Bakken oil activities has been referred to as a serial killer. Some of these tragic deaths were the result of explosions that led to fatal burn injuries.

Burn injuries possible in North Dakota derailing

Mere days after the federal government unveiled new rules regarding safety standards for oil tankers transporting Bakken oil around the country, a train derailed and caught ablaze. The accident happened in North Dakota on May 6 and caused an indeterminate amount of damage. The accident highlights the importance of the new rules to prevent property damage and burn injuries that could result in workers' compensation filings by oil and train workers. 


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