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North Dakota car crash after first snow injures 2, kills 1

Road conditions in North Dakota are always extra hazardous after the first snowfalls. A snow dusting, mist and light rain at the start of winter can cause highways to be slicker than expected. Any driver who does not take extra care can become the victim of a car crash and could also cause harm to others. Authorities remind motorists to travel at lower speeds, which will extend travel time, and for that reason, they must leave earlier to avoid the need to rush.

Head-on car crash on Interstate 94 kills both drivers

Auto accidents in which both drivers die typically leave loved ones with many unanswered questions. This often happens in North Dakota and other states when one driver veers across the center line. Inevitably there is traffic heading in the opposite direction, and the resulting car crash can be devastating.

Auto wreck involving SUV and ATV kills 18-year-old passenger

Anybody whose vehicle breaks down on the side of a North Dakota road may be extremely vulnerable. This was underscored on a recent Saturday when a passenger on an ATV was killed in an auto wreck along a road in Rolette County. The driver of the ATV was injured, but his injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.

Victim of North Dakota auto wreck succumbs to injuries

The North Dakota Highway Patrol reported that a man who was involved in a recent accident had since succumbed to his injuries. Vehicular homicide might be added to the multiple criminal charges that were filed against the driver who allegedly caused the auto wreck. The deceased driver was a 56-year-old man whose 54-year-old passenger also suffered injuries in the accident.

North Dakota auto wreck claims life of 8-year-old

Losing a young child in a road accident is unthinkable; yet, it has happened to many families in North Dakota over the years. In a recent auto wreck, the driver of a car and a child were injured. The 8-year-old child only survived until the next day.

Car crash: Rollover injures 2 after teen driver falls asleep

Lack of experience makes young drivers extremely vulnerable on the roads of North Dakota. This was underscored by a car crash that recently sent two teenagers to a hospital. Authorities reported that the accident occurred early on a recent Sunday morning, and it involved just a single vehicle.

Car crash: Traumatic brain injuries not limited to contact sports

Brain injuries are mostly associated with contact sports. However, such injuries can result from a car crash, a fall or many other circumstances in which a person's head strikes a stationary object. In fact, any time the head moves in a whiplash motion that causes the brain to collide with the skull, damage can occur. The North Dakota Brain Injury Network recently launched an awareness program that will run until June.

AAA says teen passengers and speed cause teenage car accidents

A recent nationwide survey in which the AAA collaborated with more than 140 driving instructors was conducted to shed some light on the fact that the primary cause of teenage fatalities is car crashes. AAA said that, although not the major cause of accidents, North Dakota teens who have other teenagers as passengers are more daring. This actually increases the risk of a crash by almost three times. Over the past five years, teenagers were reportedly involved in almost 14,000 car accidents.

North Dakota auto wreck sends driver and passenger to hospital

Traveling on North Dakota roads can be dangerous. After an apparent violation of a basic traffic law by one motorist, a collision between two cars caused serious injuries to two individuals. The auto wreck occurred in Barnes County on a recent Saturday afternoon.


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