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9 oil field workers injured when van rolls over after car crash

Workers on the North Dakota oil fields face many deadly hazards in their line of duty, and their loved ones are likely concerned about their welfare whenever the workers are at their workplace. Imagine learning that your loved one survived yet another day in the oil fields, only to suffer severe injuries in a car crash on the highway. Such shocking news was delivered to several people on a recent Wednesday.

Burn injuries possible in North Dakota derailing

Mere days after the federal government unveiled new rules regarding safety standards for oil tankers transporting Bakken oil around the country, a train derailed and caught ablaze. The accident happened in North Dakota on May 6 and caused an indeterminate amount of damage. The accident highlights the importance of the new rules to prevent property damage and burn injuries that could result in workers' compensation filings by oil and train workers. 

Worker sues railroad network after explosions caused injuries

BNSF, the second-largest freight railroad network in North America, is being sued by a former employee. This follows a series of explosions that occurred when one of the defendant's trains carrying Bakken crude oil derailed in North Dakota in 2013. This case is reportedly the first time that legal action has been taken against an employer by an employee who worked on an oil train.

North Dakota senator urges more safeguards against explosions

In December 2013, a train carrying crude oil from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota derailed. That wreck resulted in multiple explosions; however, there was fortunately no loss of life or serious property damage. In light of the ever-present danger of another serious accident, a senator from the state has called for more safety measures to be enacted to prevent a tragedy.

North Dakota Industrial Commission tackles risk of oil explosions

A few months ago, it was reported that officials in North Dakota were considering enacting new regulations in order to make the transportation of crude oil safer in the post entitled, "North Dakota officials discuss ways to prevent some explosions" on Oct. 23, 2014. Now, it appears, that these same officials have ironed out some regulations that they hope will meet the goal of avoiding catastrophic explosions. It is unclear how the oil industry will react to this decision.

North Dakota officials discuss ways to prevent some explosions

North Dakota oil fields produce more than a million barrels of product every day. However, the lack of infrastructure to move that oil through pipelines requires the use of trucks and the rail system. This method has resulted in terrible accidents that has caused massive explosions in the past.

D-Con maker agrees to stop production of dangerous product

Finding out that their home has been invaded by disease-carrying vermin is always unwelcome news for any family. Usually the first course of action is a trip to the local store to purchase products that are intended to kill the unwanted invaders. Now, though, the Environmental Protection Agency has been successful in its repeated efforts to have some of the dangerous product lines eliminated. This will affect which items are available in North Dakota as well as every other state.

Planners feared lack of addresses in possible oilfield injury

In the past several years, North Dakota has seen an explosion in population and in the oil industry. Subsequently, the state has also experienced a high demand for housing for the influx of workers, as well as a rise in the risk that any one of those workers to become a victim of an oilfield injury. Due to the combination of these concerns, officials in the state recognized the need for some semblance of organization.

Can food be a dangerous product in light of another recall?

In the past several years, there seems to have been an endless string of recalled food products. Now, yet another one issued for hamburger meat may lead one to speculate whether food products can be labeled as a dangerous product. While the most recent incident does not appear to apply to North Dakota, there may be victims here who have at one point ingested meat that was unsafe.

Wrong-way, drunk Montana driver's luck holds out -- for now

Is it blind luck, random chance or divine intervention that allows a drunken man to safely drive the wrong way on an interstate for 20 miles? We don’t know the answer, but we do know the Montana man arrested this past weekend on Interstate 90 ought to be grateful that neither he nor anyone else was injured or killed in a car accident as he barreled eastward in the westbound lane.


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