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Head-on car crash injures 3 in North Dakota

Three people are in the hospital following a head-on wreck on Interstate 94, according to local sources. North Dakota state police responded to the car crash on the afternoon of May 24. So far, they have not charged either driver with an infraction, though their investigation is still underway as of this report. 

4 vehicle car crash sends several to Montana hospitals

Interstates are one of the fastest routes to take in order to save time and gas while avoiding the stop and go of more congested local roads. However, because the speeds are generally much higher, the potential for serious injuries increase in the event of a car crash. One such wreck tied up traffic on a Montana highway for hours, while also sending several people to area hospitals.

North Dakota making an effort to prevent DUI car accidents

Several years ago, a family of three was killed by a driver who was suspected of being intoxicated. After that tragic wreck and many similar car accidents, North Dakota passed a new law last year in an effort to reduce drunk driving incidents. The new law was inspired in part in memory of the family who died along with the driver who hit them.

Wrong-way, drunk Montana driver's luck holds out -- for now

Is it blind luck, random chance or divine intervention that allows a drunken man to safely drive the wrong way on an interstate for 20 miles? We don’t know the answer, but we do know the Montana man arrested this past weekend on Interstate 90 ought to be grateful that neither he nor anyone else was injured or killed in a car accident as he barreled eastward in the westbound lane.

Innovations on the way to make driving safer

Whether on the streets of Billings or out on the highways, Montana drivers are known for their eagerness to get quickly to their destinations. Unfortunately, speed is often a factor in car accidents, and increasingly, distracted drivers are factors in many crashes as well.


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