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Posts tagged "injured on the job"

Former agent says North Dakota workers' comp failing workers

A lawyer who once worked within the workers' comp system in North Dakota has accused the state of failing to protect injured workers. He claims that the agency has placed employers' interests ahead of the needs of those injured on the job by making it more difficult for those seeking workers' comp to find legal representation. The Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI) issued a statement that refutes those allegations.

Based on past safety, oil workers run risk of workplace accident

Between 2003 and 2010, 823 oil and gas extraction workers died on the job. While the numbers for the year 2013 reportedly reflect a slight decline, these rates do not bode well for current employees who hope to avoid a workplace accident. Many of those who work in the energy production fields are located in the Bakken Shale fields located partially in North Dakota.

Deaths from workplace accident on the rise, especially for some

A recent report indicated that the number of job-related fatalities is inching upward every year. Included in the data is an apparent increase in fatal accidents among Latinos. The numbers of these workers killed a workplace accident have increased over the past few years. The data was not confined to any one geographical area, as there have been workers killed in North Dakota and everywhere else.

North Dakota fracking gas could lead to job injury

There have been a reported four deaths of oil field workers, two of which occurred in North Dakota, at sites that were engaged in the process known as fracking. Now the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is carrying out research to help determine whether the practice of recording gas levels could lead to a job injury or even death. It has been reported that the Obama Administration is working to determine if this type of oil extraction is safe.

Steelworkers suffer job injury after explosion

There are many jobs in America that just seem to be inherently more hazardous than others. If one is employed in these fields, then he or she may worry more about the risk of suffering a job injury. Factory workers in North Dakota may be interested to learn about a serious incident at a steel mill in another location.


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