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Facial medications have potential to be dangerous product

The Food and Drug Administration has been keeping a record of the number of consumers who have had severe reactions to certain facial applications. The products in question are those that are applied as a remedy for acne blemishes. There may be consumers in North Dakota who have suffered serious reactions to this potentially dangerous product.

Hiding facts about a dangerous product could become criminal act

After the recent publicity concerning the problem with General Motors ignition switches, some U.S. Senators are proposing stronger measures to protect consumers. They have drafted a new bill that would make hiding facts about a potentially dangerous product a crime. This type of law may provide extra peace of mind to consumers in North Dakota and everywhere else in the country.

Caffeine powder may be a potentially dangerous product

An 18-year-old has recently died after ingesting a lethal amount of caffeine powder. The substance, which is readily accessible online, may be a potentially dangerous product, after having been possibly implicated in more than a dozen deaths. The product is not regulated by the federal government, and people in every state, including North Dakota, could possibly be harmed by it.

D-Con maker agrees to stop production of dangerous product

Finding out that their home has been invaded by disease-carrying vermin is always unwelcome news for any family. Usually the first course of action is a trip to the local store to purchase products that are intended to kill the unwanted invaders. Now, though, the Environmental Protection Agency has been successful in its repeated efforts to have some of the dangerous product lines eliminated. This will affect which items are available in North Dakota as well as every other state.

Can food be a dangerous product in light of another recall?

In the past several years, there seems to have been an endless string of recalled food products. Now, yet another one issued for hamburger meat may lead one to speculate whether food products can be labeled as a dangerous product. While the most recent incident does not appear to apply to North Dakota, there may be victims here who have at one point ingested meat that was unsafe.

More worker injuries expected as oil production increases

Workers are said to be high-paid for working at the Bakken oilfields. However, there are also a number of risks that come along with working at these oilfields. The temptation to take shortcuts when it comes to employment at these fields could result in traumatic injury or even death.


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