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9 oil field workers injured when van rolls over after car crash

Workers on the North Dakota oil fields face many deadly hazards in their line of duty, and their loved ones are likely concerned about their welfare whenever the workers are at their workplace. Imagine learning that your loved one survived yet another day in the oil fields, only to suffer severe injuries in a car crash on the highway. Such shocking news was delivered to several people on a recent Wednesday.

Burn injuries possible in North Dakota derailing

Mere days after the federal government unveiled new rules regarding safety standards for oil tankers transporting Bakken oil around the country, a train derailed and caught ablaze. The accident happened in North Dakota on May 6 and caused an indeterminate amount of damage. The accident highlights the importance of the new rules to prevent property damage and burn injuries that could result in workers' compensation filings by oil and train workers. 

Worker sues railroad network after explosions caused injuries

BNSF, the second-largest freight railroad network in North America, is being sued by a former employee. This follows a series of explosions that occurred when one of the defendant's trains carrying Bakken crude oil derailed in North Dakota in 2013. This case is reportedly the first time that legal action has been taken against an employer by an employee who worked on an oil train.

Concern over the dangers of burn injuries when oil trains derail

Environmentalists in North Dakota are concerned about the volatility of the Bakken crude gases. The significant increase in rail shipments of highly combustible Bakken crude oil is distressing, particularly because explosions typically have devastating consequences. Fatalities and severe burn injuries are often the results of such explosions.

Job Injury: Alliance formed to address hydrocarbon inhalation

To promote safety for workers in the oil fields, the chairman of MonDaks Safety Network says cooperation between various parties is essential. MonDaks, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the state of North Dakota committed to improving safety on the oil fields in a recently formed alliance. They aim to avoid job injury and occupational illness that may have devastating consequences to an oil field worker.

Bakken oil field workers warned about job injury hazards

Workers in industries associated with oil production in North Dakota and a neighboring state are facing many health risks on a daily basis. A group that promotes safety within the oil industry recently issued warnings of severe job injury risks to workers in the Bakken formation. A worker died at a well site in North Dakota in January, and regulators report that four deaths that occurred since 2010 are being investigated currently.

More workers suffering workplace accident in construction jobs

According to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, North Dakota has seen more construction fatalities than in any other occupation. There were 34 employees killed as a result of a workplace accident in 2012. That number makes up 84 percent of the state's work-related deaths.

Innovations on the way to make driving safer

Whether on the streets of Billings or out on the highways, Montana drivers are known for their eagerness to get quickly to their destinations. Unfortunately, speed is often a factor in car accidents, and increasingly, distracted drivers are factors in many crashes as well.


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