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Worker sues railroad network after explosions caused injuries

BNSF, the second-largest freight railroad network in North America, is being sued by a former employee. This follows a series of explosions that occurred when one of the defendant's trains carrying Bakken crude oil derailed in North Dakota in 2013. This case is reportedly the first time that legal action has been taken against an employer by an employee who worked on an oil train.

Concern over the dangers of burn injuries when oil trains derail

Environmentalists in North Dakota are concerned about the volatility of the Bakken crude gases. The significant increase in rail shipments of highly combustible Bakken crude oil is distressing, particularly because explosions typically have devastating consequences. Fatalities and severe burn injuries are often the results of such explosions.

New roads serve Bakken fields; present danger of truck accidents

The emergency manager for McKenzie County has called for an extensive study of a new section of Highway 85. The North Dakota highway expansion has helped ease the congestion that resulted from the exponential growth the area has undergone since the development of the Bakken oil fields. However, there have been multiple serious collisions, including truck accidents, since the upgrades have opened to traffic.

Influx in truck accidents could be related to fracking industry

In North Dakota, it is possible that the recent influx of car and truck accidents could be related to the fracking industry. While not all truck accidents can be connected to the boom in oil and gas production in the state, the number of fatal accidents in fracking states across the country has increased four times over. The rate of these tragic accidents continues to rise, despite the fact that new advances and better designs have made roads safer than ever.


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