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Bakken oil field workers warned about job injury hazards

Workers in industries associated with oil production in North Dakota and a neighboring state are facing many health risks on a daily basis. A group that promotes safety within the oil industry recently issued warnings of severe job injury risks to workers in the Bakken formation. A worker died at a well site in North Dakota in January, and regulators report that four deaths that occurred since 2010 are being investigated currently.

Based on past safety, oil workers run risk of workplace accident

Between 2003 and 2010, 823 oil and gas extraction workers died on the job. While the numbers for the year 2013 reportedly reflect a slight decline, these rates do not bode well for current employees who hope to avoid a workplace accident. Many of those who work in the energy production fields are located in the Bakken Shale fields located partially in North Dakota.

New program for oil workers may help prevent a job injury

Few occupations are as hazardous as those in the energy production fields. Workers face many dangers and could suffer a job injury, some of which may be severe. There is a new training program that may provide the skills that might help increase employee safety. While not located in North Dakota, oil workers everywhere may benefit.

Families try to prevent future job injury for cell tower workers

It requires skill and the ability to handle heights when seeking employment in building and maintaining cell towers for the telecommunication companies. These towers are located throughout the country, including here in North Dakota. Unfortunately, the work is dangerous and the risk of a job injury is significant.

Troubled waters after SeaWorld drops workplace accident fight

Many people were horrified after the violent death of a trainer at SeaWorld in 2010 during one of the daily performances. Admittedly, the majority of workers will never experience this type of workplace accident. However, job safety is a serious matter, whether at an aquarium or an oilfield in North Dakota.


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