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Product defect in Tundra truck leads to lawsuit against Toyota

Owners of Toyota Tundra pickup trucks in North Dakota may not be aware that the 2016-2017 models of their vehicles were recalled. This recall followed a product defect that could lead to personal injury. An owner of one of these trucks recently filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers.

Defective merchandise can lead to products liability claims

Although authorities work hard to protect consumers in North Dakota and elsewhere from exposure to dangerous and defective products, they are not always able to prevent hazardous merchandise from entering the market before defects are identified. It is not uncommon for products to be recalled after having been available to consumers for several years. A significant number of products liability lawsuits involve injuries suffered during the use of products that are later recalled.

Mercedes-Benz settles products liability lawsuit

Mercedes-Benz owners in North Dakota who have suffered the consequences of defective and dangerous seat heaters may be interested to know that the manufacturer has settled a class action lawsuit involving approximately 270,000 vehicles. The products liability lawsuit, which was filed in another state, claimed the heating devices could cause fires. Although Mercedes proposed a settlement, the company continues to deny the allegations.

Polaris faces products liability claim after off-road crash

When a person in North Dakota suffers a personal injury that results from using a defective or dangerous product, he or she has the right to seek recovery of damages. This was what a man in another state did after he was seriously injured while riding an off-road vehicle that he alleges was defective. The manufacturer of the vehicle, Polaris Industries Inc., along with related entities that include the dealership where it was bought, were listed as defendants in the products liability lawsuit.

Every firework should be regarded as a dangerous product

Every year, on the Fourth of July, thousands of people suffer injuries caused by fireworks. These typically range from minor to severe and often result from irresponsible use or due to defective products. Although authorities provide safety tips and warnings every year, some consumers fail to recognize the fact that every firework is a potentially dangerous product that should be handled with care. A North Dakota man reportedly suffered serious injuries that were caused by an exploding firework.

Dual claims can result from product defect injury at work

North Dakota oil field workers in the Bakken face multiple hazards every day. Added to the usual perils associated with the nature of their jobs, the equipment they use poses further threats. Faulty design or manufacturing, or a lack of warning on the labeling can cause catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, a product defect is often only recognized after a tragic event that maims or kills a worker.

Products liability can be claimed simultaneous with workers' comp

Many workers in North Dakota may not be aware of the fact that a workplace accident might support a personal injury claim for items not included in a workers' compensation benefits claim. An instance of such circumstances would be if a defective piece of equipment caused the injury. The most significant advantage of filing a products liability lawsuit in a civil court is the prospect of receiving compensation that is unavailable through the workers' compensation program. An injured victim can pursue claims for pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment, future medical treatment and more.

Product defect litigation may need skills of AV-rated attorneys

Whenever anybody in North Dakota or another state suffers injuries that might have been caused by a malfunctioning piece of equipment, full recovery of damages may be a significant challenge. Sometimes, a product defect is clearly visible and easy to identify, while only close investigation can detect other defects. To prove liability on the part of a manufacturer is a task that might be best achieved by experienced attorneys such as Edwards, Frickle & Culver.

Products liability claim may follow e-cigarette battery explosion

North Dakota users of e-cigarettes may want to take heed of the dangers posed by the devices. An off-duty EMT in another state recently suffered severe burn injuries when two batteries of an e-cigarette device exploded in the pocket of his jeans. He says he is considering filing a products liability claim against the manufacturers of the batteries.

Products liability and questions about class action lawsuits

When a dangerous or defective product harms a North Dakota resident, the victim may consider filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties. Challenging a large company in court by filing a products liability lawsuit may seem unachievable. However, the defective product might have also caused harm to others, and a class action lawsuit might be a viable option.


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