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Truck Accidents Archives

Will electronic logging devices prevent truck accidents?

There are mixed feelings about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's newest guidelines that recently became effective. Most semi drivers in North Dakota and other states will have to use electronic logging devices (ELDs). Reportedly, the aim is to reduce the number of truck accidents nationwide.

Truck accidents: Trucker dies in unexplained semi roll-over

Truck drivers in North Dakota have a particular set of rules of the road to which they must comply. Sometimes, unrealistic demands of employers force operators to violate rules -- often resulting in truck accidents with devastating consequences. To meet deadlines, truckers may have to ignore rules about the maximum number of hours they are allowed to drive without rest. This could lead to fatigue and crashes then become inevitable.

3 die when van carrying disabled workers collides with big rig

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash that occurred on a recent Tuesday on U.S. 2, not far from Grand Forks. Reportedly, the accident involved a big rig that crashed into a van. The van was apparently heading toward the Grand Forks Air Force Base when the tragedy occurred.

Big rig driver accused of causing chain-reaction crash on I-94

Three SUVs, a sedan and a semi truck were involved in a recent accident in North Dakota. Although nobody suffered life-threatening injuries, several people were sent to the hospital. This crash appears to have been caused by the failure of the big rig driver to drive with the necessary care.

Truck accidents: 2 big rig drivers die in fiery head-on crash

Big rig drivers on roads in the North Dakota oil patch typically haul dangerous loads every day. So much can go wrong that can cause devastating truck accidents. Along with mechanical failures of the vehicles, fatigue often plays a part in big rig accidents.

Alleged negligent pickup truck driver crashes into big rig

Drivers of passenger vehicles on North Dakota roads need to be vigilant for large vehicles such as frac tanks. These heavy vehicles are used to transport a proppant that is utilized in the fracturing process in the Bakken oil fields. A collision with such a big rig recently claimed the lives of two people.

Do unhealthy drivers cause avoidable truck accidents?

Motorists on highways nationwide, including in North Dakota, are always at higher risks when they share the roads with commercial trucks. Tractor-trailers, semis, 18-wheelers and tanker trucks are massive compared to passenger vehicles, and truck accidents involving smaller vehicles often have devastating consequences. A recent study at a university in another state revealed a distinct link between the health of truck drivers and their chances of crashing.

Passenger dies in big rig roll-over when driver loses control

When a driver of a tractor-trailer loses control of the vehicle, the consequences are typically severe. One such a big rig crash that involved no other vehicles recently claimed the life of one person and injured another. The accident investigation is likely still ongoing because no reason for the accident has yet been cited.

Facing the aftermath of truck accidents in North Dakota

Some say that one of the less fortunate results of the oil boom in North Dakota is that there seems to be an increase in accidents involving trains and other vehicles carrying hazardous materials. Truck accidents are among the crashes that have left some motorists severely injured on the busy roads that transport goods from the pipeline to surrounding states. It is important for motorists to know where to turn for help should they or their loved ones become injured in an accident caused by a truck driver's negligence.

Concerns growing after increase in North Dakota truck accidents

The population of communities surrounding the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota has reportedly doubled since oil production has increased over the past several years. There are growing concerns, however, about the safety of residents as they travel the roadways within these communities. Over the past few years, the numbers of reported truck accidents have climbed considerably.


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