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Workers' comp available for silica damage despite new regulations

Employees involved in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, bricks, pottery and artificial stone may be exposed to the dangers posed by crystalline silica. In the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota, many workers' comp claims are filed by workers who are typically also exposed to these dangerous particles. Without the necessary personal protective equipment, workers can become victims of life-threatening diseases.

Family claims negligence caused fatal job injury on oil field

The North Dakota workers' compensation program is a no-fault system by which benefits are paid to injured workers regardless of who was at fault. An employee may not sue an employer, except in the case of the job injury following gross negligence by the employer. Such a claim was recently filed against two oil field contractors in another state.

Job injury: EPA asked to reveal hazardous fracking chemicals

Entities across 21 U.S. states along with the District of Columbia have petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a policy change in which the types of hazardous chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing industry are disclosed. Fracking sites, such as those in North Dakota, expose their employees to toxic chemical hazards that can cause occupational injuries. Frequently, emergency workers are unable to provide prompt treatment because of their inability to identify the substance that caused the job injury.

Fracking worker dies in workplace accident after fitting fails

Fracking will always be a dangerous employment field, regardless of whether it is in North Dakota or another state. Although there are specific safety regulations to protect workers in the oil and gas industry, compliance is never guaranteed. It is still unclear whether a safety violation caused a recent fatal workplace accident on a fracking site in another state.

Fatal workplace accident kills father of 3-year-old son

Construction workers' jobs are varied, and the dangers workers face are not always recognized. A fatal workplace accident recently claimed the life of a 28-year-old father of a toddler. The victim was an employee of a North Dakota-based construction company but worked at the firm's facility in a neighboring state.

Precautions can prevent oil field workplace accident

The most significant threats on oil and gas fields in North Dakota are explosions and fires. For that reason, compliance with the safety regulations and guidelines as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is vital. The slightest violation of the safety standards can result in a tragic workplace accident. Mass notification systems and fire alarms are essential to warn workers to follow evacuation procedures in emergencies; it might be practical to also send out mass mobile phone messages when emergencies occur.

Workplace accident in oilfield claims life of 1, limb of another

Oilfield workers in North Dakota and other states often put their lives on the line whenever they are on duty. The hazards of their jobs were once again underscored when a workplace accident claimed the life of one worker and a limb of another. This tragedy occurred recently at a drilling site in another state.

Fatal oil field job injury chances 3 times national average

Workers in the oil and gas industry in North Dakota and elsewhere will always face high risks, even though the fatality rate in this industry has decreased significantly over recent years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fatal job injury rate was reduced from seven times the national average in 2005 to three times the national average in 2015. However, vehicle accidents, chemical exposure, fires and explosions will continue to threaten the lives of oil field workers.

Home moving company owner's leg crushed in workplace accident

Anybody who is involved in the daily moving of objects that weigh thousands of pounds will likely be aware of his or her vulnerability. The son of a 53-year-old house mover in North Dakota says despite his father's awareness of safety and the hazards he faced every day, he suffered a severe injury in a workplace accident on a recent Tuesday. It is not yet certain whether surgical procedures saved this man's leg.

Each oil field worker's own precautions may prevent job injury

Workers in the oil and gas industry in North Dakota and other states face numerous safety hazards. Every employee's best chance at avoiding job injury is by taking extra precautions to ensure personal safety. Struck-by incidents cause some of the most common injuries on oil patches. These occur when a piece of equipment or other object makes forceful contact with a worker. Sling malfunctions, pressurized lines that are not adequately secured and bad connections are typical causes of struck-by accidents in the oilfields.


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